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A virtual tour is a collection of 360° images  joined together by a series of linking arrows to allow the viewer to move from one location to the next.

Google Maps virtual tours can be viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile phone and are easily navigated with controls that are familiar to all users.

To create the virtual tour, each scene includes a series of standard 2D photographs that are taken at intervals by rotating a camera 360° around a fixed point. The photos are then stitched together so they fill a complete 360° sphere.

By linking each scene together in Google Maps an interactive 360° virtual tour of your business is created which can be viewed in any web browser.

By rotating the scene through the use of a touch screen, mouse, or a phone’s gyroscope, the viewer can look around each as if they were inside the location.

Virtual tours are fast becoming an essential tool for any business marketing strategy. Unlike simple 2D photography, a virtual tour places the customer ‘inside’ your premises so they can see it from every angle before making a purchasing decision.

A visitor will be able to move from one room to another and go to every floor. They can then use the information panel inside Google Maps to view your website, find your address, call you or send you an email.

Virtual tours are easily viewed inside Google Maps using naviagtion controls that are widely familiar with all users of the platfrom.

Users navigate around the map, find a business or location they want to view and click and drag the yellow peg man. A blue line then appears to indicate external 360° scenes while blue dots indicate internal 360° scenes.

By dropping the peg man, users are then instantly transported to a 360° view of that location.

  1. We will arrange a suitable time to arrive at your location and shoot the images we need to create the virtual tour.
  2. When we arrive at your site it will take approximately 1-2 hours to set up the equipment and take the photographs.
  3. Once we’re back in the Vartour office we will edit and stitch the photos together to create the virtual tour of your business. The tour is then uploaded to the Google Maps server using specialist software. We aim to complete this work within 1 week of the photo shoot.

At this time Google does not allow any customization of virtual tours within the Google Maps platform.

Vartour currently accepts payment via Paypal. You can make your payment to Vartour via the Paypal website or app using email address: or the PayPal.Me link:

Payment must be made prior to Vartour arriving at your premises.

All photographs created by Vartour for your virtual tour website are owned and held under copyright by Vartour. 

Photos uploaded to Google are held by Google under their licencing terms. See this page for details: Google Maps Licence.

Exisiting photos on your Google business profile that were uploaded by Vartour are controlled by Vartour. To remove unwanted photos please contact us.

If your Google Maps business profile has existing 360° photos that were uploaded to your Google business page by a 3rd party using their own Google profile you must contact them to request they remove the images. Vartour has no control over 3rd party Google profiles.

If you upgrade your premises and would like new 360° photos added to Google Maps, please contact us to remove the old images.

Note that Vartour can only remove images that Vartour uploaded to Google.

We can then return to your premises and perform a re-shoot. Note that the price is the same for both initial shoots and re-shoots.

If you have any other questions please don’t hestitate to get in touch via the contact page. We promise to get back to you within 48 hours.

The benefits of a Vartour 360° virtual tour

  • Build customer confidence with a detailed look inside your premises.
  • Ideal for all high street and public-facing businesses such as hotels, salons, pubs and restaurants.
  • Internet users are more likely to contact you by phone or email after viewing your premises in Google Maps.
  • Your business will stand out from your competitors thanks to professional 360° photos.

Interested? Contact us and get your 360° virtual tour started today