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A virtual tour is a collection of 360° images that are joined together by a series of linking hotspots to allow the viewer to move from one location to the next.

Virtual tours can be viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile phone and can include sound, video and photos.

To create the virtual tour, each scene uses a series of standard 2D photographs that are taken at intervals by rotating a camera 360° around a fixed point. Once taken, the photos are edited and stitched together so they fill a complete 360° sphere.

By linking each scene together and adding points of interest, an interactive 360° tour of your business is created which can be viewed in a web browser.

By rotating the panorama through the use of a touch screen, mouse, or a phone’s gyroscope, the viewer can look around each image in the virtual tour as if they were actually at the location. If you’ve ever used Google Streetview, you’ve already used a basic virtual tour.

Virtual tours are fast becoming an essential tool for any businesses marketing strategy. Unlike simple 2D photography, a virtual tour places the customer ‘inside’ your premises so they can see it at every angle from the comfort of their own home.

A visitor will be able to navigate on their own and move from one room to another, go to all the floors and check out every detail. It’s even possible to add information hotspots to highlight the services you offer along with price lists, opening hours, and anything else that will attract the customer to make a purchase from you.

It’s as simple as viewing a YouTube video in your web browser. Once a tour is created it’s uploaded to a 3rd-party hosting service and embedded in your webpage.

The tour is presented in the newest version of HTML5 (the code that makes websites work) so that it can be displayed in all modern web browsers on smartphones, desktops and tablets whether they use Android, iOS, Windows or macOS.

Take a look at the examples page to see how your virtual tour will look.

  1. We will arrange a suitable time to arrive at your location and shoot the images we need to create the virtual tour.
  2. When we arrive at your site it will take approximately 1-2 hours to set up the equipment and take the photographs.
  3. Once we’re back in the Vartour office we will edit and stitch the photos together to create the virtual tour of your business. The tour is then uploaded to a specialist server so that you can import it into your website – just like you’d upload a video to YouTube. We aim to complete this work within 1 week of the photo shoot.
  4. We will email you a link to your virtual tour so you can view it for your approval. If you’d like any alterations made you can let us know and we’ll make them for you.
  5. Once you are happy with the virtual tour we will publish it and request payment. When payment is received you will receive the code to insert the virtual tour into your website.

Vartour virtual tours come with a range of options. We can include information panels such as email and telephone details, custom logos, audio (e.g. a spoken introduction by you), and YouTube videos.

Please contact us if you would like any future additions such as more scenes. The virtual tour can be updated by us at any time without you needing to do anything.

Vartour currently accepts payment via Paypal. You can make your payment to Vartour via the Paypal website or app using email address: [email protected] or the PayPal.Me link:

We will email you details of your embed code after the payment is received.

Of course! We can add and remove text, modify the layout and insert any new photos you provide. Please don’t hesitate to let us know your requirements and we’ll do everything we can to help you.

All photographs created by Vartour for your virtual tour website are owned and held under copyright by Vartour. 

If you wish to modify a particular photograph created by Vartour please contact us and we will endeavour to assist you, however we will not supply you with original copies of the photographic media.

With regard to the 360° photos in your virtual tour, we will send them to you via Google Drive. In this instance we will transfer all copyrights for the 360° photos to your ownership. You can then upload the 360° photos to any virtual tour hosting company such as Kuula and create your own virtual tour. 

Unfortunately some older versions of iPhone (6 and below) and iPad (3 and below) have problems displaying HTML5 content – including the technology used to display Vartour virtual tours. Try using a different browser on your device, upgrading the iOS version, or use another device entirely. To date, all Android and all newer versions of iOS devices are compatible with Vartour virtual tours.

If there is a seperate 360° photo AND the virtual tour on the same website page, one of them will always auto-load while the other shows a play button. Both media will still display correctly.

If only one photo or one virtual tour is on the website page then it will auto-load without the play button.

If you’ve got any other questions whether it’s anything to do with virtual tours, 360° photography in general, or the services we offer, please don’t hestitate to get in touch via the contact page. We promise to get back to you within 48 hours.

The benefits of a Vartour 360° virtual tour

  • Build customer confidence with a detailed insight into your business.
  • Ideal for all high street and public-facing businesses like hotels, salons and restaurants.
  • Share the virtual tour on social media.
  • Make your website stand out from your competitors.

Interested? Contact us and get your 360° virtual tour started today